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Legislative tables

A selection of user-generated interactive tables is offered by the Tasmanian Office of the Department of Premier and Cabinet to provide information about the status of Acts, subordinate legislation and associated matters.

The current tables are constantly updated and are printable and downloadable in various formats from this website. The following tables are currently available:


Current Legislation

General Notes :

The assignment of the administration of an enactment to a Minister, and the department responsible to that Minister in relation to that enactment, may be viewed at by searching in the current Administrative Arrangements Order for the enabling Act or, in the case of an enabling Act made since the making of that Order, the administration provision of that new Act. An unofficial administration list, arranged by Act and updated with new Acts, may also be viewed at Administrative arrangements.

The Minister responsible for a portfolio is indicated on the Tasmanian Parliament website : Cabinet.

The provisions of Acts and Statutory Rules may be viewed in full at .  For enactments yet to be commenced the provisions may be viewed by toggling on the As Made button.

Bills before Parliament : 

Bills lists - external link to the Parliament of Tasmania
  • annual lists of Bills introduced
  • list of Bills currently before Parliament


Indexes to the legislation of Tasmania : 

Tasmanian Acts and Statutory Rules in force - as at 1 July 2024
  • PDF format - updated at least quarterly
  • Lists all current Acts with their amendment history and subordinate legislation
  • Commencement information for principal legislation and latest amendments, including uncommenced amendments
  • Expiry information for Statutory Rules
  • Current Bills in Parliament are noted under Acts to be affected
Subject index to Tasmanian legislation in force - as at 1 January 2024
  • PDF format - updated annually


Administrative arrangements : 

Administrative arrangements - current legislation
  • Alphabetical list of all Acts in force, showing the responsible Minister and Department
  • Compiled using the current Adminstrative Arrangements Order
  • Also includes new Principal Acts which have received Royal Assent since the most recent Order was made


Statutory rules : 

Statutory Rules that may be repealed in 2024 or 2025
  • includes sunset repeals under the Subordinate Legislation Act 1992
  • includes rescission by an Act or other legislation which is yet to take effect
Statutory Rules repealed under the Subordinate Legislation Act 1992
  • items repealed in the last two years
  • also lists any postponements of repeals which are currently in force
Excluded instruments (not statutory rules)
  • excluded from the operation of the Rules Publication Act 1953
Statutory Rules that have been disallowed
  • disallowed by Parliament
Links to other Tasmanian subordinate legislation which is not on the legislation website
  • links to pages on other Tasmanian government websites
  • although the instruments listed here are made under current Tasmanian Acts, they are not on the legislation website becasue they are not statutory rules required to be published under the Rules Publication Act 1953



Historical Legislation


Amendment and reprint notations for certain Acts from 1826

Acts numerically listed, with "repealed by" references if repealed or expired