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Notes to amendment notations

The following notes are to be read in conjunction with the amendment notations used in the historical lists of Principal Acts Acts A - C; Acts D - G; Acts H - L; Acts M - P; Acts Q - S; Acts T - Z.

Currency notes:

  • These lists will be maintained as far as adding repeal details for Acts listed, but no further Acts will be added after 2017.  Amendment annotations are not being updated.
  • Information on the currency of Tasmanian Acts can be found on the Tasmanian legislation website by using the Browse or Search functions.

The histories have not been checked for accuracy, they are taken from notes which may be incomplete and subsequent work may lead to the addition or alteration of the information. Also, the transcription has not been proof checked. The histories are useful as a guide only.

The lists do not purport to cover all Acts. Further Acts that predate the database and Acts repealed after the commencement of the database may be added from time-to-time.

Excluded are many Acts that generally deal with moneys from consolidated fund for appropriations, supplementary appropriations and reappropriations, supply, the execution of public works (including railways and hydro-electric works), the raising of funds by loans, debentures, the tax rating Acts of income and land taxes, the payment of pensions to certain persons, and the vesting of lands (typically to churches). Also, Acts in the category of Crown Lands Purchasers Reinstatement and Aid to Road Rates have generally not been included.

The lists do not present in any strict sequence, rather they generally follow an alphabetic sequence (ignoring The in titles so commencing) and, within that, a functional and chronological order. eg. Dogs (5 Wm. IV No. 8).. is before The Dog Registration Act, 1848 (11 Vict. No. 7) and followed by Dogs ..(27 Vict. No. 12). To find an historical sequence from Act to Act the following will assist:

  • search for a similar titled Act or keyword in the title;
  • search for the repealed by reference that may be with the title of the Act you have located;
  • use "see also" references to step one Act to the past.
  • delve into each Act to discover references made within the Act;

Links to the chronological list of Acts: Geo. IV-Wm. IV-1 Vict.-44 Vict. [1826-1880]; 45 Vict.-64 Vict. [1881-1900]; Edw. VII [1900-1910]; 1-18 Geo. V [1911-1927]; 19-26 Geo. V [1928-1936]; Edw. VIII-1-11 & 12 Geo. VI [1937-1947]; 1948-1957; 1958-1967; 1968-1978; 1979-1987; 1988-2000; 2001-2017

Abbreviations included in the lists include references to:

  • 25 Geo. V No. 78 - the Regnal number of an Act
  • No. 36 of 1958 - the number of the Act in the year
  • 1958/36 - year of the Act / number of the Act
  • Gazette 11/1/1950, p. 358 - Statutory Rules notified in the Tasmanian Government Gazette of a date at a page number
  • SR 1992, No. 181 - year of Statutory Rule / number of the Statutory Rule
  • Reproduced in Statutes of Tasmania In Force 11/1/1901 Vol. II p. 1361 - a collection of Acts in force in Statutes of Tasmania from 7th George 4th (1826) to 64th Victoria (1901). The volume and page number of the Act are indicated.
  • Reprinted 1826-1936 Vol. 1 p. 847 - The reprint series The Public General Acts of Tasmania [published by Butterworths & Co. (Australia) Ltd] that includes the law as at 31 January 1936. The volume and page number of the Act are indicated.
  • Reprinted 1826-1959 Vol. 1 p. 3 - The reprint series Tasmanian Statutes 1826-1959 [published by the Government Printer, Hobart]. The volume and page number of the Act are indicated.
  • Reprinted Vol. 1958 Appendix A - The year of the annual volume which contains a reprint of the Act in the appendix mentioned.
  • Reprinted 1 September 1977 - A loose leaf reprint series commenced in 1977. The date is the effective date of reprint.

The State Reference Library holds copies of State legislation

The inclusion of an Act without notations indicates that no amendments or reprints are known to have occurred, except where the Act postdates the commencement of the database - when the Act is repealed, it is the intention to add the amendment notations.

Certain Acts are mentioned many times in the list. These include:

  • 25 Geo. V No. 78 - Statute Law Revision Act 1934 and proclamations thereunder
  • 1958/36 - Statute Law Revision Act 1958
  • 1962/67 - Local Government Act 1962
  • 1965/55 - Decimal Currency Act 1965
  • 1977/5 - Statute Law Revicion Act 1977
  • 1982/99 - Statute Law Revision Act 1982
  • 1984/29 - Tasmanian State Service (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 1984
  • 1985/51 - Statute Law Revision Act 1985
  • 1990/5 - Administrative Arrangements (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 1990
  • 1991/43 - Penalty Units and Other Penalties Amendment Act 1991
  • 1991/46 - Statute Law Revision Act 1991
  • 1994/68 - Statute Law Revision Act 1994
  • 1995/30 - Local Government (Consequential Amendments) Act 1995
  • 2000/86 - State Service (Consequential and Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2000

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