Senate Elections Act 1935

Tasmanian Crest
Senate Elections Act 1935

An Act to make provision for determining the times and places of elections of Senators for this State to the Senate of the Commonwealth

[Royal Assent 19 August 1935]

Be it enacted by His Excellency the Governor of Tasmania, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and House of Assembly, in Parliament assembled, as follows:

1.   Short title

This Act may be cited as the Senate Elections Act 1935 .

2.   Repeal

The Federal Elections Act 1900 and the Election of Senators Act 1903 are hereby repealed.

3.   Power to fix dates for election

[Section 3 Amended by No. 63 of 1984, s. 4 ]For the purpose of an election of Senators for this State to the Senate of the Commonwealth, the Governor by proclamation may fix the dates –
(a) for the issue of the writ; and
(ab) for the close of the roll of electors for the election; and
(b) on or before which candidates may be nominated (herein called "the day of nomination"); and
(c) for the polling; and
(d) on or before which the writ shall be returned –


[Section 4 Subsection (1) amended by No. 63 of 1984, s. 5 ][Section 4 Subsection (3) amended by No. 50 of 1989, s. 4 ][Section 4 Repealed by No. 2 of 2000, s. 4, Applied:28 Apr 2000]

5.   Dates to be specified in the writ

[Section 5 Amended by No. 63 of 1984, s. 6 ]The writ shall bear date as of the day of issue, and the dates fixed for the close of the roll of electors for the election, the nomination of candidates, the polling and the return of the writ shall be specified therein.

6.   Time for nomination

Nomination must be made at some time after the issue of the writ, and before 12 noon on the day of nomination.

7.   Polling-places

The polling shall be taken at all polling-places within the State appointed under the law of the Commonwealth for the time being in force for the regulation of Parliamentary elections.

8.   Day of polling

The day fixed for the polling shall be a Saturday.

9.   Hours of polling

[Section 9 Amended by No. 63 of 1984, s. 7 ]The poll shall be open at 8 a.m. and shall not close until all electors in the polling-booth at 6 p.m. and desiring to vote have voted.

10.   Power to extend time, &c.

[Section 10 Amended by No. 50 of 1989, s. 5 ]The Governor, by notice in the Gazette, may provide for extending the time for holding the election, or for returning the writ, or meeting any difficulty which might otherwise interfere with the due course of the election, and any provision so made shall be valid and sufficient.