Climate Change (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Regulations 2022

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Climate Change (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Regulations 2022

I, the Governor in and over the State of Tasmania and its Dependencies in the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Executive Council and on the recommendation of the Minister, make the following regulations under the Climate Change (State Action) Act 2008 .

13 December 2022



By Her Excellency's Command,


Minister for Environment and Climate Change

1.   Short title

These regulations may be cited as the Climate Change (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Regulations 2022 .

2.   Commencement

These regulations take effect on the day on which their making is notified in the Gazette.

3.   Interpretation

In these regulations –
Act means the Climate Change (State Action) Act 2008 .

4.   Measuring greenhouse gas emissions

For the purposes of the Act, greenhouse gas emissions are to be measured by determining the sum of the carbon dioxide equivalent emission and removal figures for Tasmania for each of the following sectors, as set out in the most recently published Greenhouse Gas Inventory:
(a) energy;
(b) industrial processes;
(c) agriculture;
(d) waste;
(e) land use, land-use change and forestry;
(f) any other sector specified in the Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

5.   Minister to publish greenhouse gas emissions

Within 60 days after a Greenhouse Gas Inventory is published, the Minister is to publish in the Gazette, and in any other manner that the Minister considers appropriate, Tasmania's greenhouse gas emissions for the calendar year to which the Inventory relates.

Displayed and numbered in accordance with the Rules Publication Act 1953.

Notified in the Gazette on 21 December 2022

These regulations are administered in the Department of State Growth.