Forensic Procedures Regulations 2021

Tasmanian Crest
Forensic Procedures Regulations 2021

I, the Governor in and over the State of Tasmania and its Dependencies in the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Executive Council, make the following regulations under the Forensic Procedures Act 2000 .

13 December 2021



By Her Excellency's Command,


Minister for Justice

1.   Short title

These regulations may be cited as the Forensic Procedures Regulations 2021 .

2.   Commencement

These regulations take effect on the day on which their making is notified in the Gazette.

3.   Interpretation

In these regulations –
Act means the Forensic Procedures Act 2000 .

4.   Corresponding laws

For the purposes of the definition of corresponding law in section 3(1) of the Act, the following laws are prescribed as corresponding laws:
(a) Crimes (Forensic Procedures) Act 2000 of the Australian Capital Territory;
(b) Part ID of the Crimes Act 1914 of the Commonwealth;
(c) Crimes (Forensic Procedures) Act 2000 of New South Wales;
(d) section 52 of the Correctional Services Act 2014 of the Northern Territory;
(e) Division 7 of Part VII of the Police Administration Act 1978 of the Northern Territory;
(f) Division 3 of Part 2 and section 159 of the Youth Justice Act 2005 of the Northern Territory;
(g) Chapter 17 of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 of Queensland;
(h) Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Act 2007 of South Australia;
(i) Subdivision 30A of Division 1 of Part III of the Crimes Act 1958 of Victoria;
(j) Criminal Investigation (Identifying People) Act 2002 of Western Australia.

5.   Legislation rescinded

The legislation specified in Schedule 1 is rescinded.
SCHEDULE 1 - Legislation rescinded

Regulation 5

Displayed and numbered in accordance with the Rules Publication Act 1953.

Notified in the Gazette on 22 December 2021

These regulations are administered in the Department of Justice.