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Legislation available on the site

The database was initially loaded with Acts consolidated to 1 February 1997. This means that, for Acts, "point-in-time" searching back to 1 February 1997 is possible. There are no sessional versions of Acts passed before 1 February 1997 on the database however, all sessional and historical versions of Acts passed after 1 February 1997 are available.

Sessional and historical versions of Statutory Rules made after 1 May 1998 are on the database. This means that, for Statutory Rules, “point-in-time” searching back to 1 May 1998 is possible. Certain Statutory Rules made before 1 May 1998 are also included.

A sessional version of an Act is the version of the document as it receives the Royal Assent. For Statutory Rules, the sessional version is the version of the document as notified in the Tasmanian Government Gazette. Historical versions are fragmented versions of legislative documents that are used to construct consolidations at any “point-in-time” within the operational period of the legislation.

The sessional version will be available as it receives the Royal Assent (for Acts) or is notified in the Tasmanian Government Gazette (for Statutory Rules). Historical versions become available when the legislation is commenced.

That is, if an Act or Statutory Rule is to commence at a time subsequent to it receiving the Royal Assent or being notified in the Tasmanian Government Gazette, only the sessional version will be found from the day of Assent or notification until the actual day of commencement. After the Act or Statutory Rule has commenced it will be available as a historical version.


Legislation that is unavailable on the site

Legislation that is in force may be temporarily unavailable on the website due to technical problems. Any such legislation is identified on the Home page with a link to the current version in PDF.


Older items and repealed items:


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